Welcome to Xtreme Accounting

Xtreme Accounting was developed to address the frustrations of business owners who are tired of Accounting Software that is :

Difficult to Use  (Expensive staff training)
Costly to Own (Expensive Annual Support Charges)
Costly to Expand/Grow (Expensive to Add Users)

Xtreme Accounting does Accounting differently

EASY to use
NO need to pay for support unless you need it
NO annual or other fees
NO additional cost each time you add a user (multi-user version)
FREE upgrades and updates (downloadable off our website)
CUSTOMISATION - The only Accounting Software Package that gives you direct access to the developers to enable you to have the software customised to the unique needs of your business

So if you are tired of your accounting software being an annual cost to your business,  download our trial version (Single-User) and try out our full-feature demo. The software you will be using is no different from the version you buy other than the 30 day time limit.  In fact,  after the initial trial period,  you can purchase the serial number for activation,  apply it,  and continue using the software. Invest in our software, not our company.    

Main Features of the Software

Unlimited Companies Unlimited Supplier Accounts
Multiple User Profiles Unlimited Contacts per Supplier
2 Year Financial Window Unlimited Inventory Items
Unlimited Customer Accounts Unlimited Cash Books
Unlimited Contacts Per Customer Unlimited Alpha Num G/L Accounts
Recurring Invoice facility 999 Sub Accounts per Main G/L Acc

What ELSE Do You Get for Your Investment ?

Software that is EASY to use
Software that can GROW with your business
FREEDOM from annual charges or other fees
ACCESS to system customisation if needed
FREE upgrades and updates as soon as they are available
COST EFFECTIVE upgrade from single user to multi user.


Single User - R 5 950 incl. VAT

Multi-User - R 22 950 incl. VAT
(Unlimited Users at No Extra Cost)

For more information or to place your order,  please email us - click here

Last Updated 11/11/2021